Remote Work Isn’t Rocket Science

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Hi there – Jennah here. I created a website about remote working a year ago and ever since then I have received a ton of emails and social media messages from people that want to give remote working a try but aren’t sure where to start. I am working from Starbucks today prepping for an upcoming remote work talk I am giving for a local economic development committee, and as I look around, I see 5 people (myself included) on laptops. All of us just working away, sipping our #PSL delights and noshing on our breakfast sandwiches like working from a coffee shop is the most normal thing in the world.

Here’s the thing…working from somewhere OTHER than a cubicle or an office is totally becoming the “normal” thing to do. Taking the proverbial leap into remote work isn’t rocket science. Heck, it’s not even algebra. It’s pretty darn simple: go sit somewhere that has an Internet connection (if you don’t need wifi access to do your thing, then you can go wherever the heck you want), tune out the ambient noise around you, and get cracking. 

But I don’t have a laptop, you say.

Solution: Either a. buy a laptop or b. grab a notebook and a pen and start your venture into remote work by planning or scheduling or writing out notes. Working remotely does not have to be a full-time commitment. Some people just like the freedom to get out of the house or the office a few hours a week for a scenery change. It can revitalize your soul, and lend fresh perspective to your work habits.

But my boss would never agree to let me work off-site, even for just a few hours a week, you say.

You might actually be surprised to find that your boss is more open to you working remotely than you assume. Millions of Americans work remotely every year, and that is just the statistic for the USA. Here are a few tips for approaching your boss about setting up shop at the local coffee shop up a few times a month or more. If you need some hard-hitting stats to present to them, look here.

But I am worried I won’t be as productive working remotely, you say.

This is actually one of the only valid concerns I have heard people voice. This is where the rubber meets the road – where you find out the kind of person you are. Are you truly disciplined? Or are you just really good at following instructions and sticking to a schedule someone else made for you? If you fall into the first camp – congrats: you will probably knock this remote work thing out of the park. If, like me, you fall into the second camp, there’s still hope. But that hope comes in the form of being willing to grow as a person and to cultivate the hard character quality of self-discipline. It takes time and effort but it is well worth it, my friend. Here’s some productivity tips to get you headed in the right direction.




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