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Have you ever been to a raging party? I’m not talking about anything unfortunate or illegal or inappropriate…I’m talking about the kind of party where people are INTO it. It could be a PTO fundraiser or a corporate holiday bash or even a backyard BBQ. The underlying common theme at a “raging party” is that those in attendance are having a swell time. They are talking and laughing and having an all-around blast. It may even be hard for you as the host to get a word in edgewise. But honestly, if you throw a party like this you won’t even care that you can’t get in those “edgewise” words because your guests are having so much fun and you are too busy patting yourself on the back for throwing all such an epic event.

In other words, your milkshake is bringing EVERYONE to the yard and you are officially awesome.

Is there a point to this rambling article, you say?

Why, thanks for asking. There is DEFINITELY a point. Here it is:


Do such good work that party people everywhere cannot shut up about how good you work is. In my previous life as the co-owmer of a marketing and design agency I had tons of clients ask me how to stand out in their industries and generate buzz. The best advice out there is to DO GOOD WORK. Throw a great virtual party. Let your work ethic and the quality of your products or services speak volumes – all without you even having to say a thing. There is something beautiful and exciting about companies and individuals that cut the crap and the posturing and the “marketing” and just build relationships and try to be the best they can be. They don’t have to shout that they are awesome from every rooftop they pass – their customers and clients and friends and family will do that for them – all because they took the time to do things well and, prioritized quality and integrity over making a quick buck.

So – if your goal is to make a dent in the world and set yourself apart from the crowd, start by building on the most solid and simple foundation there is: do it good and do it right. If you paint a pig, at the end of the day it still lives in the mud, you see? If you build a house on shifting sand, it will eventually sink, get my drift? If you start with great ingredients, you can make a great meal – and isn’t that what we all want? To find deep within us the best possible version of ourselves – the best possible use of our gifts and talents – and to live and work in a way that highlights those honest, organic, hard-earned things.

WHEN YOU DO THAT – you won’t have to look far to seek out buzz or accolades or business relationships or work opportunities. They will likely find you. At the very least, your reputation for quality and honesty will no doubt precede you, and will validate your individual character and your product or service to everyone you meet.

Whether you are a CEO of a huge, established company or an entrepreneur bootstrapping your way to the realization of your dreams, this concept holds true. Do good work, make good things, build good relationships.

If you build it, they will come…something like that…or so I have heard.



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