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Thanks to Skillshare, my poor wife’s complete lack of design software skill is on full display for the world to see. But her hilarious loss is your gain, because we made a video (it’s 20 minutes long – grab some popcorn and prepare yourself) that walks you through creating a customized Instagram image in Photoshop from the literal start of things to the bitter end of things. (Otherwise known as logging into Photoshop all the way to saving and exporting the final, finished image.)

If you’ve never used Skillshare before, use this link to get three months for just $0.99 per month. And then check out the tutorial here.

Here are a few other basic Instagram tips:

  1. Take your own photos whenever possible. It is a way to be authentically you – something no one else can do.
  2. Remember – social media is – at its core – a way to create relationships with the people on the other end of those usernames we tag all the time…so interact with your followers as much as possible.
  3. Try to utilize one or two design elements to keep brand confusion to a minimum. If you are constantly changing filters, for example, all of your ‘grams will have a different look, versus a consistent, easy-on-the-eyes collection of images.

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PS – If you decide to use stock images for your customized Instagram posts instead of taking your own photos, consider using Pixabay – they’re AWESOME!

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